Legal warning


The owner of the web, rental and electronic sale is "Campel Canarias" as a commercial name, the fiscal name being Joel Agustin Díaz Díaz

The Cif is 44745259R, the fiscal address is Calle Cruz del Ovejero, 79B Cp: 35018, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria and the commercial address is Calle Agaete, Nº22. Post Code: 35010 Las Torres Industrial Estate.

The contact details are:

Phone +34 722 58 06 23  

Email:  contact form

The owner Joel Agustin Díaz Díaz, hereinafter the LESSOR and the client or traveler, hereinafter the LESSEE, commit to the following clauses in the contracting of services:

FIRST. Object of the contract.

The LESSOR leases to the LESSEE, who accepts, the  “Roof camping tent”.

SECOND. Contract period.

This contract will enter into force on the day and time selected by the LESSEE, and its term is from the start date and time, until the end date and time of the lease period selected by the LESSEE.

Once said term has expired, it will be extinguished by compliance with the agreed term.

The termination of the contract due to the expiration of the agreed term shall not entitle the LESSEE to any compensation by the LESSOR.

THIRD. Remuneration.

En contraprestación por el arrendamiento se pacta una renta total que asciende a la cantidad indicada en función del periodo de arrendamiento y servicios seleccionados por la ARRENDATARIA y previamente notificado la ARRENDADORA.

Esta renta total será abonada por la ARRENDATARIA a la ARRENDADORA en efectivo metálico, tarjeta o transferencia bancaria.

QUARTER. Termination of the contract.

The LESSOR may terminate this contract in the event that any invoice is unpaid, or any of the conditions established in this contract is breached, and therefore, it will have the right to withdraw the “Roof camping tent”  y quedarse con la señal dejada en depósito.

In the same way, the LESSEE may terminate this contract in the event that the LESSOR fails to comply with any of the obligations to which it is subject in this document.

QUINTA. Resolución anticipada del contrato.

The LESSOR undertakes to lease the  “Roof camping tent” object of this contract at least during the days previously selected by the LESSEE, in any case. In the event that you want to terminate this contract, without just cause before the aforementioned period, you must make the full refund of the cost of the reservation.

SIXTH. private use

Said “Tienda de camping techo” It will have as its object and destination the private and personal use of tourism and leisure within the Autonomous Community of the Canary Islands..

SEVENTH. exclusive use of the  “Roof camping tent”.

The "Roof camping tent" object of this contract, will be destined solely and exclusively to the LESSEE and its operation will take place on the island indicated by the LESSEE at the time of collection.

The "Roof camping tent" object of this contract, will be destined solely and exclusively to the LESSEE and its operation will take place on the island indicated by the LESSEE at the time of collection.  “Roof camping tent” to other uses, different from those described in the previous paragraph, even if they are related to the aforementioned, or transfers the “Roof camping tent” to another place than the one mentioned, or disassemble it without the consent of the LESSOR, the LESSOR may terminate the contract due to infringement of this condition by the LESSEE.

EIGHTH. Prohibition of subletting.

The LESSEE agrees not to sublet, in whole or in part, or assign or transfer the  “Roof camping tent” arrendada sin el consentimiento expreso y por escrito de la ARRENDADORA. En caso de que la ARRENDATARIA incumpliera esta condición, podrá la ARRENDADORA resolver el contrato.

La fusión, transformación o escisión de la ARRENDATARIA dará lugar a la rescisión del contrato.

NOVENA. Conocimiento del estado de la “Roof camping tent”. Reparaciones.

La ARRENDATARIA declara conocer las características y estado de conservación de la  “Roof camping tent” described and expressly accept them. Likewise, it undertakes to carry out all ordinary repairs and maintenance expenses, and must return to the LESSOR, at the end of the contract, the  “Roof camping tent”  en el mismo perfecto estado en que la recibe.

La renta en concepto de arrendamiento de la  “Roof camping tent” incluye el servicio de asistencia técnica, que comprende las reparaciones por desgaste de la  “Roof camping tent”. Ésta podrá, en todo caso, ser inspeccionada en cualquier momento por el personal acreditado que considere la ARRENDADORA, el cual tendrá libre acceso a la  “Roof camping tent” .

TENTH. Bail.

The LESSEE delivers in this act the sum of €150 (one hundred and fifty euros) as a deposit, which will be given the pertinent legal tender. The constitution of this deposit does not exempt the LESSEE from paying the rents in the stipulated form and deadlines.

The existence of this bond will never serve as a pretext to delay the payment of the rent or any of the amounts whose payment has been assumed by the LESSEE.

ELEVENTH. Costs derived from an incident.

In the event of an incident occurring during the rental period of the “Tienda de Camping de Techo”, the LESSEE must imperatively inform the LESSOR. The amount of the repair will be borne by the responsible party, LESSOR OR LESSEE, depending on the origin of the breakdown/incident.

If the damage to the “Tienda de Camping de Techo” is due to misuse or an accident caused by the LESSEE, the LESSOR may deduct the repair costs from the amount of the deposit provided by the LESSEE.

If the cause of the breakage is fortuitous or undetermined, the expenses will be assumed by both parties in equal parts, that is, 50% for each of the parties to the contract. The deposit provided for in the rental contract may be used to apply this measure.

If the damage to the "Rooftop Camping Tent" is due to normal wear or negligence related to regular maintenance, it is the responsibility of the LESSOR and it must assume the entire cost of repair.

In the event that the incident stems from misuse by the LESSEE, a third party or a fixed object and the LESSEE is recognized as responsible, the LESSEE must pay the amount of the repairs and will not be entitled to any reimbursement proportional to unused days.

If the damage to the “Tienda de Camping de Techo” affects more than 35% of its components or is considered in a state of disaster or irreversible damage. The LESSEE must assume responsibility and pay the full PVP cost of a “Tienda de Camping de Techo”.

In the case in which it is impossible to define the responsibility for the incident, it is up to the LESSOR and the LESSEE to assume the responsibility and the cost of the repairs in equal parts (50/50).

TWELFTH. Expenses, costs and taxes.

The LESSEE will be responsible for all expenses, costs, taxes, rates or contributions at the state, municipal or regional level that are levied on this contract or any of the parties.

The LESSEE agrees to be criminally responsible for all traffic violations detected by the competent authority during the rental period. The penalties (fine, withdrawal of points...) are entirely the responsibility of the LESSEE for any non-compliance notified during the term of the rental contract with the “Tienda de Camping de Techo” arrendada.

THIRTEENTH. Applicable jurisdiction/Arbitration clause.

The parties involved expressly submit to the jurisdiction of the courts and tribunals of Las Palmas, waiving their own jurisdiction that may correspond to them.

The parties agree with the content of this contract, and sign it in duplicate at the time of the lease, in the agreed place and date.